CALL FOR STORIES: Are your students ready to become Citizen Journalists?

Hello Educators and Community Centers,

We appreciate your interest and support for Media Arts Center San Diego & specifically, our Mobile Stories project.  We now have complete details for you and your students to participate in this exciting program where youth (9-18) create short 3-5 minute community videos on topics and people important to them …all using mobile technology, like smartphones and tablets.
  • FOR COMPLETE DETAILS, read the attached Mobile Stories Packet or download the packet from the Mobile Stories Packet link is now online
  • WATCH & SHARE some of the work local youth have done this past year:
                       Mobile Stories Promo at     
                       Chicano Park Restoration Project at
                       Speak City Heights: Food Health at
  • Deadline DECEMBER 1st

Please review the packet and if you have further questions, contact us.  We are thrilled about the opportunity to work together through this project.  The best videos, perhaps from your student works, will be publicly screened to more than 1,600 students during the student screenings at the 20th anniversary edition of the San Diego Latino Film Festival.  See the packet for more details.

Feel free to pass this information on to your colleagues and friends who may also be interested in participating.
Patric Stillman and Julia Richardson