City Heights Hope Helps Bridge Cultural Gaps

Since 2009, Somalian refugees have ran a program called City Heights Hope., to bridge cultural gaps between mothers and daughters. San Diego has the second largest population of refugees in the US and most of them reside in City Heights. “We’re from City Heights Hope, as you can see, and City Heights Hope started off as a cooking class with parents and daughters, like, that’s my mom right there and we’ve come every Saturday and they teach the parents how to make American food like pizza and lasagna or something like that and they teach us how to make basta and badis which are typical East African Foods.” said one City Heights Hope participant. The program began when Somali refugee college students became concerned that youth were having cultural identity issues and didn’t have access to Halal food in school cafeterias. “And it just developed from there and every Saturday we would come, it’s just a place to come and hang out and learn how to make traditional food and bond with our moms, it’s pretty fun. The program is held at the Southern Sudanese Community Center. For more information, please visit us at