Hey City Heights, What’s Eating YOU?

There are 100,000 to 150,000 children that are obese in San Diego, and local organizations like Speak City Heights are working to change that. The held an event focused on access to healthy food options in City Heights. “Speak City Heights” Project is a multimedia collaborative that is investigating three different topics of interest in City Heights, starting with food justice, which is why we are here today.” Said Claire Pister from KPBS. “All of this is about learning how to eat more healthfully in a culture here where its’ easier to go through a drive through or eat something on the run. It’s encouraging people to not only eat more healthfully but to hey, grow their own food as well.” Said City Councilwoman Marty Emerald. “And that’s why we brought them together today, to find out one, what’s being done in City Heights to improve access to food here and also some of the barriers that still exist.” This event was initiated in response to the rise in health problems by local refugee communities the longer they’ve been eating and living in City Heights. “Together we can learn how to be healthier, together we learn how to create a healthier community, a more productive community , a community that not only shares traditions and food but plans for the future. WE hear a lot about food justice and food insecurity and here’s an opportunity to work together as a community, bring all of our differences together and create one solution. For more information, visit us at www.mobilestories.org.